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Alcohol Poisoning

Being stopped and charged with driving while intoxicated is a serious consequence of consuming alcohol in excess. Another much more serious consequence of consuming excessive amounts of alcohol is alcohol poisoning.

Alcohol poisoning is a condition in which the body is simply unable to process the amount of alcohol that one person consumes. This results in a lower heart rate, reduced reflexes, and a reduction in the gag reflex. In addition, the body ‘s core temperature may be lowered to a level that hypothermia and cardiac arrest set in. It is also possible for the body ‘s blood sugar level to get low enough that the drunken person can go into seizures.

The most common cause of alcohol poisoning is binge drinking. Binge drinking is defined as five or more drinks in a row in a limited period of time. When a person binge drinks, the liver is unable to metabolize the amount of alcohol being thrown at it. This results in an excessively high amount of alcohol in the blood stream and leads to alcohol poisoning.

The human liver is able to handle the amount of alcohol from one drink in an hour. For beer, this is 12 ounces. Wine is 4 to 5 ounces and harder/mixed drinks are 1.5 ounces. A person who consumes more than this much alcohol in an hour is likely to overload the liver. It is not until the person really overworks the liver that alcohol poisoning takes place.

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