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What Makes Alcohol Treatment Programs Work

A study done by the George Washington University Medical Center identified 13 major ingredients to an effective alcohol treatment program. The 13 ingredients and designed to determine if the program you are in is effective and which program will obtain the best results.

The 13 ingredients are as follows:

  • Early detection, including screening and brief interventions. If you can catch the problem early, there is a much better chance of success than a problem that is allowed to grow ingrained into a person’s life.
  • Comprehensive assessment and individualized treatment plan. Not every patient requires the same treatment and care. It is crucial to find a program that person is comfortable with and trusts.
  • Care management. The program you decide on still needs to be managed sometimes using family members and friends. This support needs to continue even after you have left the treatment facility.
  • Individually delivered, proven professional interventions. Interventions at time depending on the individual can be very influential in reducing the amount of alcohol dependency. A good program will offer multiple approaches for each person.
  • Contracting with patients. This is very helpful in establishing solid goals, rewarding when the meet the goal and sometimes punishing when they don’t.
  • Social skills training. The individual will be put in stressful situations and they will role play in the proper way to react and treat others.
  • Medications. Although not a solution, medication can be effective in battling specific individual needs.
  • Specialized services for medical, psychiatric, employment or family problems.
  • Continuing care. Almost every person has a relapse where they go back to alcohol for their problem. Support groups are essential and have proven long-term results.
  • Strong bond with therapist or counselor. A strong relationship with someone the individual trusts, like a therapist or counselor research has shown to be wonderful influence.
  • Longer duration. Studies have shown that programs lasting less the 90 days are not as effective in solving the underlying problem.
  • Participation in support groups. Everyone feels the desire to find individuals like themselves who they can lean on for friendship and help. Support groups provide that environment and are very effective motivators.
  • Strong patient motivation. Without a program that motivates the person treatment cannot work.

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