Beer vs. Liquor

When making the choice to consume alcoholic beverages, it is important to consider how different forms of alcohol will impact your system. In essence, you are able to consume the same amount of alcohol when drinking liquor as you are when drinking beer. However, these two beverages are often consumed in very different ways, which can make them impact individuals in very distinct ways.

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How Beer and Liquor Differ

Most individuals have a type of alcohol they prefer to drink, whether it is wine, beer, or liquor. All these types of beverages contain alcohol, but they are made in very different ways and thus have different effects on the body. This is especially true of beer and liquor, which differ in the following ways:

  • Beer contains a smaller percentage of alcohol than liquor
  • Liquors can differ in alcohol percentages, but they tend to be very high in alcohol concentration
  • Beer is typically consumed in a fairly precise and measurable manner, like in a pint glass
  • Alcohol can be taken without additives, in a shot, or it can be mixed in any amount with other beverages or even other liquors

Because of these characteristics, most adults are likely to consume beer more rapidly than liquor, but both drinks have the ability to make an individual intoxicated above the legal limit to drive.

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