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Being Pulled Over

If you ever get pulled over under suspicion of DWI, there are certain things that you should do and things you should not do. It is very important that you remember these things in order to make the process as easy and painless as possible.

In any dealings with the police or other legal authority, compliance is necessary to keep you from getting into more trouble. When you are pulled over, this is no different. You should comply with the requests of the police, but only to a certain extent.

There are certain things that you absolutely should do when the police ask you to. For instance, you should pull over as soon as you can. Following this, you should follow the instructions given to you by the police. When they ask you for your license and proof of insurance, you should show them immediately. These and most other things that the police ask you to do will not hurt your case in any way. If you comply, it can actually help your case.

However, there are certain things that you should refuse to do. Taking a breathalyzer test is one of these things. Because breathalyzers are so often incorrect, it can be dangerous for anyone to use one. Even if you have not been drinking at all, you should not take a breathalyzer test.

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Remember that for the most part it is safe and beneficial to comply with the police. If you would like to know more, contact the Dallas DWI attorney, Mark T. Lassiter at (214) 845-7007.

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