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Blue Laws

Blue laws are laws that are meant to enforce a moral code on a society. They can prohibit any number of items in an effort to get people to behave in a moral way. The first reference to a blue law is believed to have been made by Reverend Samuel Peters in his book, General History of Connecticut. In this book, the term is used to describe laws first enacted by Puritan colonies which prohibited certain business activities on specific days of the week.

In addition to the New England blue laws, southern and mid-western states passed numerous laws in the 19th century to protect the Sabbath. These laws also tended to target saloon owners, Jews, Seventh-Day Adventists, and non-religious peoples. These laws, which were enacted at both the state and local level, frequently carried penalties for non-religious activities on Sundays. This led to numerous arrests for playing cards, baseball, and even fixing a wagon wheel.

In Texas, blue laws prohibited selling housewares on Sunday up until 1985. There are still laws prohibiting car dealerships from operating over consecutive weekend days. These laws were created and retained with the support of those whom they affected most directly. The laws gave them a day off each week without fear of losing business to competitors.

Another form of blue law prohibits selling alcohol on Sundays. These laws are gradually being repealed with many states now allowing alcohol to be sold after noon on Sundays.

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