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Boating While Intoxicated

Everybody knows that if you drink and drive you can be pulled over and arrested for Driving While Intoxicated (DWI). However, it is less well known that this applies to any vehicle, not just cars. A common vehicle that people tend to drive while intoxicated is the motor boat.

People often take alcohol when they go boating. This leads to someone driving the boat while under the influence of alcohol. This is just as illegal as driving a car while under the influence of alcohol. This is because the dangers associated with boating while intoxicated are very much the same and just as high as driving while intoxicated.

The dangers of Boating While Intoxicated (BWI) are just as high as those of Driving While Intoxicated. However, they are somewhat different. A major issue with driving under the influence of alcohol is an inability to stay within the lane in which you are driving. This is not as important when boating because of the lack of lanes. However, it is still very much possible to collide with another boat or some other structure.

The main issue with operating any vehicle while under the influence of alcohol is that the operator is impaired and cannot react as quickly as he or she may need to. Because of this, accidents occur. If you drink, you should not operate any motor vehicle.

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