Breathalyzer Myths

There are many myths and urban legends surrounding the instruments used to measure an individual ‘s blood-alcohol level, but almost all of them are unsuccessful in practice. Chewing gum, using mouth-wash, and other more radical techniques often prove to be ineffective and in some cases, dangerous to the health of the individual.

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Some Common Breathalyzer Myths

One common myth is that sucking on a penny (or any copper coin) will fool the breathalyzer machine into a false reading. This method has been put to the test many times and has been proven to be an urban legend. Pennies are no longer solid copper (they actually have copper-coating only) and there is no evidence to suggest that sucking on a coin during a breathalyzer test will do anything other than leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Another urban legend that is commonly traded is the idea that mouthwash or breath-spray will conceal any alcohol on the breath and will help you beat the breathalyzer test. Not only do these products fail to hide alcohol from the machine ‘s sensors, studies have shown that they often raise the level of alcohol detected by the machine.

Similar fabrications include chewing gum, onions, or garlic to conceal alcohol on your breath. While these methods may be effective in fooling a human tester, they have little to no effect on the readings given by the machine.

More outrageous myths involve placing a battery on your tongue, hyperventilating, and concealing activated charcoal in your mouth. Studies show that such exotic remedies should not be relied upon if a test is administered.

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