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Buzzed Driving

Recent TV and print commercials have stressed or have tried to make the connection between buzzed driving, drunk driving, and illegal activity. According to the recent ads, buzzed driving is drunk driving and therefore is illegal. While for some people this may be true, in a number of cases, a person can have a buzz going from whatever he or she has been drinking and not actually be at or above the .08 BAC level that makes driving illegal.

A person can acquire a buzz by drinking a steady amount of alcohol over a period of time. The majority of people would agree that a person who has a buzz after one and a half beers is probably not going to be drunk if he or she tries to drive. According to most BAC calculators, a 170 pound man has to consumer 4 beers per hour on an empty stomach in order to get to .08. While this is not a fool-proof calculation, it can be assumed with some certainty that a person who has had 1 beer is not drunk.

There is a significant difference between buzzed driving and drunk driving. When a person has a buzz going, he or she may not experience impairment and can likely still function at a high level. The same cannot be said for drunk driving. A person who has reached the legal limit is much more likely to experience some degree of impairment. It is not right to drive while truly impaired but if a person is not over the legal limit, it is not fair to charge him or her with something he or she didn’t do.

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