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Coffee for Sobering Up

There is a common misconception among the individuals of the world that drinking coffee when drunk will make a person sober up sooner. This, quite frankly, is as far from what actually happens as it is possible to get. Coffee does not sober a person up.

In addition to not helping a person sober up, coffee can have a negative effect on a person ‘s hangover the next day. A hangover, in many cases, is the result of being dehydrated. Alcohol dehydrates the body which means that it strips the body of water that it requires. Coffee is a diuretic which means that it encourages the body to get rid of liquids. So if a person who is drunk consumes coffee, the hangover experienced or “enjoyed” the next day is likely to be worse. If a person was not likely to be hungover the next day, coffee can induce a hangover.

Individuals that think that coffee will sober them up are confusing alertness with sobriety. Coffee, as an excellent source of caffeine, will make a person, regardless of their sobriety, feel much more alert. This is not a good thing in this instance as it may encourage the drunk person to do things that require alertness, like driving. It may also contribute to other risky behaviors since the person is not likely to feel tired for a while.

Overall, coffee not only doesn ‘t contribute to sobriety but it can lead to risky behaviors and make hangovers worse.

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