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Challenging a DWI Charge

It is easy to feel intimidated when facing a DWI charge. Sometimes you may feel as though the police have all the evidence on their side and that you will be convicted whether you are innocent or not. While it is true that there are many variables involved in any DWI case, a good DWI lawyer has several common ways to challenge your DWI charge in court. For example:

  • Illegal Traffic Stop – According to the law, a police officer must have a good reason to pull you over. They cannot stop you on a whim. This is termed “probable cause,” and means that the police officer needs to be able to justify why they decided to pull you over. However, just because they arrested you for DWI doesn’t mean they pulled you over for the same reason. If an officer stops you because your brake light is broken, he can still charge you with DWI during the same stop. A good DWI lawyer may try to show that the police officer had no good reason to be stopping you in the first place.
  • Improper Testing – Administering a breathalyzer test is not as simple as it seems. Officers must be properly trained in order to operate the breathalyzer machine correctly and obtain accurate results. Your DWI lawyer can investigate the track record and training records of the officer who tested you for alcohol and show that the test was administered incorrectly, invalidating the results and taking away a crucial piece of evidence against you.
  • Alcohol Absorption Defense – When you drink alcohol, it does not immediately enter your bloodstream. Like most other things you ingest, it takes time for alcohol to work its way into your system and actually begin to affect your driving. This means that, if you had a drink right before you got into the car, the alcohol may not be in your bloodstream during the trip. However, if you are arrested and tested for alcohol at the police station an hour and a half later, that drink will register on your test. Since the law states that your blood alcohol level (BAC) is only relevant while you are driving, your DWI lawyer may be able to prove that the alcohol only began to affect you after your arrest.

One thing that all these defense strategies have in common are the services of a well-qualified and experienced DWI lawyer. He will be able to pinpoint the holes in the prosecution’s case against you and pick apart the evidence piece by piece. If you have been charged with DWI and need to defend your rights, call the offices of Dallas DWI attorney Mark Lassiter at 214.651.1121 today.

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