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Occupational Licenses

For most Americans, their car is not just a luxury or a toy. Adequate public transportation is not available in many areas, forcing people to rely on their private vehicles to get to work, buy necessary supplies, and take care of their families.

For this reason, a person facing charges of drunk driving is often first and foremost concerned with the threat of losing his or her driver ‘s license. Without it, he or she may have an extremely difficult time getting to work on a regular basis while getting kids to school and facing all of the other obligations in the average person ‘s life.

Fortunately, the Texas government offers a solution so that people convicted of drunk driving are not punished too harshly for the crime. If you are facing your first charge of DWI and do not have an extensive criminal history, you may be eligible for an occupational driver ‘s license.

What an Occupational Driver ‘s License Can Do

An occupational driver ‘s license (ODL) will allow you to:

  • Drive to work and back
  • Drive to school if you take classes and/or take your children to school
  • Drive between locations if your job requires it

You will not be allowed to drive recreationally, and you may have to observe a curfew. However, you will be able to meet your most important obligations.

How to Get an Occupational Driver ‘s License

The first step is to contact a Dallas occupational driver ‘s license attorney. He or she will advise you on the paperwork involved in this process and represent you at your driver ‘s license hearing.

To contact an experienced Dallas DWI lawyer, call the offices of Mark Lassiter at 214-651-1121.

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