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Designated Drivers

Having a designated driver can be a life saver. However, it is important that this person stay sober and not drink at all. If this does not happen, it defeats the purpose of having a designated driver. If you are the designated driver, it is important to do things that will help you keep from drinking.

Drinking a non alcoholic beverage is generally a good idea. This allows you to have a drink in your hand that will not intoxicate you. This can be very helpful for many people because having a drink in hand allows you to perform the same actions as those around you without getting drunk. If you drink water or a soda, you will not have to worry about getting drunk or thirsty.

Another difficult hurdle to get over when acting as the designated driver is being questioned. People often want to know why you are not drinking. Explaining that you are the designated driver is often explanation enough for these people. In fact, many people will gain new respect for the designated driver.

Different people have different techniques to keep themselves from being tempted into drinking. You should find whichever works best for you. However, if any of these techniques fail, you should remember that there is always another option. Every city has a taxi company. If you cannot drive, you should call a cab to take you home.

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