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Do Alcohol Ads Lead to Drunk Driving?

There are people who believe that alcohol advertising has a direct correlation to drinking and to drunk driving. These beliefs, however, are completely unsubstantiated. While a certain amount of evidence is given, it does not actually serve as proof of anything.

The general concept is that alcohol advertisements cause people to want to drink more. Because a person sees an ad, he or she goes out and drinks the product. After getting drunk, the person is then likely to drive back home. Therefore, alcohol advertisements directly lead to drinking and driving.

Obviously, this reasoning is faulty. People do not drink simply because they see advertisements. The purpose of advertising is to obtain product recognition. People are more likely to buy a product that they recognize. However, if a person is not in the market for a certain type of product, he or she will probably not buy it even after recognizing it.

For example, if a man owns a car that he is happy with, he is not shopping for a new car. After seeing a competitor ‘s advertisement, he is not going to buy that car because he already has one. The same is true for any product, including alcohol.

Advertisements have no effect on supply and demand. For this reason, they cannot and do not lead to drunk driving. DWI happens for reasons other than advertising.

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