Do I Need a DWI Attorney?

Some people may feel that there is no way to fight back after being charged with a DWI. However, if you have been charged with a drunk driving offense, it is important to remember that with a strong defense, you may not be convicted of that crime or may instead be charged with a lesser crime with less severe punishments. Even if you feel the situation is hopeless, a qualified DWI attorney can help you fight your charge.

How Can a DWI Lawyer Help Me?

An experienced DWI attorney can help you develop a strong case and fight to represent you fairly in court. A lawyer who is knowledgeable in all aspects of drunk driving laws can also help you fully understand your legal rights and options and can help explain:

  • Punishments for repeat-offenders or for those with a BAC much higher than .08 percent.
  • Laws pertaining to underage drinkers.
  • Plea bargaining and reduced sentencing.
  • Suspended licenses.

You may have been charged unfairly if you were subjected to unreasonable questioning or searches, were not read your Miranda rights, if an arresting officer made other mistakes, or if other conditions existed during your arrest. A Dallas drunk driving attorney can fully evaluate your case to determine if any of these conditions were present.

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