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At the offices of Dallas DWI attorney Mark Lassiter, we want our clients to be familiar with all Texas drinking laws so they can make the best choices about their lives. To further that goal, here is a brief overview of our state ‘s dram laws.

What is a Dram Shop Law?

A dram shop is any kind of business establishment that serves alcoholic beverages. Because there are certain risks associated with alcohol, particularly the decreased inhibition it can cause, dram shops have a legal responsibility to protect their customers and the larger community.

Of course, people who frequent bars and other such establishments are adults who are responsible for their own choices. As people become more inebriated, however, they become less and less capable of making reasonable decisions for themselves. This is why a business that helps people become inebriated is partially liable for that person ‘s behavior.

Our state ‘s law says that it is illegal for a bartender, liquor store owner, or other seller of alcoholic beverages to serve alcohol to a person who is already visibly inebriated. The law does not specify what exactly this means, so it is up to dram shop employees to use their best judgment.

If these employees serve a visibly inebriated person, they can be held responsible in a civil court for any injuries caused by the inebriated person, as well as injuries that an inebriated person may suffer. These lawsuits can be filed by other people who are hurt by the inebriated person or by the inebriated person.

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