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Drinking and Driving Statistics

Driving under the influence of alcohol is a very dangerous thing to do. Impairment begins immediately when you drink. This means that if you get behind the wheel after just one drink, you do not have the same reflexes or judgment that you would if you were completely sober. The more you drink, the worse your ability to drive becomes, as your judgment and reaction time become more impaired.

It is estimated that only one alcohol impaired driver is arrested for every 200 to 2,000 on the road. However, not being arrested does not mean that you are safe. In fact, it is sometimes safer to be arrested. The statistics are frightening, showing that out of the two million alcohol-related crashes that occur every year, around 708,000 people are injured.

The average BAC of a drunk driver who gets arrested is 0.20. This is more than double the legal limit. At a BAC of 0.08 (the legal limit), the risk of an accident is six times higher than it is when there is no alcohol involved. At a BAC of 0.20, this risk is far greater. However, it is estimated that only about 7% of all drivers are responsible for more than 66% of alcohol related traffic fatalities.

Drinking and driving is a bad choice. Having just one drink can increase the chances of an accident by quite a bit. If you drink you should not drive, and if you do, you may be charged with a DWI.

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