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The Driver Responsibility Law

The Driver Responsibility Law establishes a system that assigns points for moving violations which are classified as Class C Misdemeanors. The law applies surcharges to offenders based on the time period in which the citation was issued and the type of offense for which it was issued.

The Department of Public Safety is in charge of assigning points. They will assign two points for a moving violation conviction in Texas or another state. There will be no points issued for speeding offenses which involve the offender going less than 10% over the speed limit or seat belt convictions. Child Safety Seat Convictions will receive two points. In addition, three points will be assigned for a moving violation conviction in Texas which resulted in a vehicle crash.

In addition, there are certain convictions which carry automatic surcharges for three years after the conviction. One of these is Driving While Intoxicated. For an individual’s first conviction, he or she will be obligated to pay $1000 annually for three years. A second or subsequent conviction will require $1500 annually for each conviction beyond the first. So if a person is convicted of a DWI 4 times within a three year period, he or she will have to pay $5500 in surcharges for at least one year. This is in addition to the fines which are already levied against DWI offenders. A conviction for a DWI when the driver has a BAC of .16 or more will result in a $2000 annual surcharge.

The points assigned will remain on an individual’s record for three years after the conviction date. The DPS will assess charges only when a driver accumulates 6 or more points on their record during a three year period. For non-DWI related offenses, drivers will be required to pay $100 for the first six points on their license and then $25 for each point after the original six.

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