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Driving Drugged

Driving under the influence of drugs is even more dangerous than driving while drunk. The effects of drugs like marijuana can stay in your system for up to twenty four hours after smoking. This is much longer than with alcohol.

Unfortunately, police often let drugged drivers go because they do not recognize the presence of drugs. After pulling a vehicle over for erratic driving, the police officer will give a breathalyzer test. Because there is no alcohol in a drugged driver ‘s system, they will pass the test.

While a drugged driver is not drunk, he or she is still in a state of decreased judgment and reaction time. This can still lead to collisions that can seriously injure or kill anyone involved. In fact, a recent report has shown that drivers without alcohol in their blood who were stopped for reckless driving often had drugs in their system. In fact, 45% of these drivers had marijuana in their systems and 25% had cocaine in their systems.

Unfortunately, most states do not test for drugs after a crash. This makes the issue of drugged driving almost unheard of because it is never in the news. This allows people to think that drugged driving is safer than drunk driving. This however, is not the case.

Driving under the influence of drugs can be more dangerous than driving drunk. Any substance that alters your judgment and reaction time is dangerous to drive with.

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