DUI and Joining the Military

Many people think that joining the military is easy. The military, however, does have a baseline standard for evaluating applicants, and people can be rendered unfit for service for any number of reasons. One pressing question is whether or not a person is able to join the military if they have a DUI conviction on their record.

While each branch of the military has separate recruiters that decide on the individuals that they feel are best suited for them, there is a basic set of disqualifications that will render a person ineligible for military service in general. The military has “Standards of Medical Fitness,” which pertain to certain medical conditions that disqualify a potential recruit. In addition, there are alcohol and drug disqualifications. These, however, have to do with the abuse of these substances. It is in the set of law disqualifications that one finds details regarding driving under the influence convictions.

Law Disqualifications

The military states that each recruit must meet stringent moral character standards. This is measured chiefly by looking at a person’s experience with the criminal justice system. There are red flags regarding a recruit if he or she qualifies for any of the following:

  • On Parole
  • On Probation
  • Out on Bond
  • Currently Imprisoned
  • Has a Significant Criminal Record
  • Is a Felon

If a person has one or more DUI / DWI convictions, he or she may be disqualified from military service, so it is important for individuals charged with an alcohol-related driving offense to do everything possible to fight a conviction.

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