DWI and Police Brutality

Police brutality has concerned many people. Video recordings of people who were abusively held by police have sparked outrage, protest, and discontent with law enforcement. People never want to see police officers being brutal with criminal suspects, but what happens when police have to act seemingly brutally with drunken suspects?

Everyone agrees that drunk driving is bad. When police stop someone suspected of drunk driving, they have to be careful just as they would be when they stop drivers for any other potential violation. Drivers who are visibly intoxicated may be more aggressive, however. As a result, when police ask them to step out of the car, they may not be cooperative. Even when they do step out of the car, they may not cooperate with police. They may behave in such a way that seems threatening to the police officer. As a result, the officer may have to use force to subdue the drunken suspect.

As in any situation where they have to use force, police have to be careful not to use excessive force. Otherwise, their force may seem brutal. Police officers may have more leeway when using force on drunk driving suspects because intoxicated people may be harder to deal with. Officers may, however, use excessive force in anger at someone ‘s decision to drive drunk.

Regardless of the reason that prompts a police officer to use force, the officer has to be careful not to use excessive force for the situation.

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People charged with drunk driving will face anger by police officers who want to protect innocent people. As a result of this desire to protect, police officers will always arrest and charge someone who is visibly drunk. If you have been charged with drunk driving, contact Dallas DWI attorney Mark T. Lassiter by calling (214) 845-7007.

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