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The breathalyzer test can be an incredibly inaccurate in reading a person ‘s BAC. In order for a breathalyzer to be accurate, the thermometer must be properly maintained at absolute accuracy. If the breathalyzer is not maintained to the strictest of standards, it quickly becomes highly inaccurate.

For this reason, the Washington State Supreme Court unanimously ruled that breathalyzer readings could not be admissible in court unless they were properly calibrated and kept up to date. Most breathalyzers are not kept properly calibrated, putting you at risk of being arrested for a high BAC level.

If you are under the legal limit, a poorly calibrated breathalyzer could read your BAC as over the legal limit. These inaccuracies, however, are often not taken into account. Even in Washington State, where breathalyzer readings had been deemed inadmissible in court, a new state law states that these readings cannot be thrown out of court on the possibility of being incorrect.

Taking a breathalyzer test can be dangerous for you, even when you have a BAC lower than 0.08. Your best option may be to take a blood test. You cannot know whether or not the breathalyzer you are using is properly calibrated, so you should be wary of complying with a breathalyzer test.

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