Energy Drinks and Sobriety

Energy drinks have become an extremely popular beverage in the last ten years, and can be found at any convenience store and even behind the bar at many alcohol-serving establishments. The use of stimulants to enhance performance and alertness is well documented, but unfortunately it has also led to the misconception that consuming stimulant-laden beverages can help one to become sober before getting behind the wheel.

This false idea is easily reinforced by the immediate physical effects one feels after consuming energy drinks. The stimulants in the beverage cause an individual to become more alert, agitated, and aware of their surroundings, which can easily be mistaken as being less intoxicated.

Stimulants and Depressants

The intoxicating effects of a depressant like alcohol cannot be counteracted by using stimulants, only masked. When you have an energy drink in an effort to sober up, all that is truly accomplished is that the brain is tricked into thinking that you are less impaired than you truly are, which can lead to ill-advised decisions pertaining to driving.

In addition making the drinker less aware of their level of intoxication, caffeine has the same diuretic effect that alcohol does. This means that combining the two results in the body losing water faster than it absorbs it at an even higher rate than occurs when simply consuming alcohol. This means that combining energy drinks and alcohol can result in even more impairment than would have been experienced without the energy drink.

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