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How to Estimate Your Blood Alcohol Content

Many people wonder if their blood alcohol content will be different based not on the number of drinks the have consumed, but rather by the type of alcohol they drink.

The answer: they are generally all the same. To a breathalyzer, it does not matter whether you have been drinking beer, wine, or hard liquor. The alcohol content of a standard drink of any of the above beverages is generally the same. Of course, the strength of a mixed drink will differ depending on the amount the bartender pours, but as a general rule they all have the same amount of alcohol.

For an estimation of your blood alcohol content based on a particular number of drinks, try this website: Drink Calculator.

Take the wheel. It will ask the number of drinks you have consumed, type of drink, amount of time you have been drinking, gender, and weight. After entering the information the wheel will give you a general estimate of what you blood alcohol content (BAC) would be.

Keep in mind this is merely an estimate and should not be taken to mean the score the wheel gives you will be completely accurate if you take an actual breath or blood test.

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