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Should You “Blow” After Being Pulled Over?

Alcohol enjoys an active place in the imaginations of the American public. Here are some more popular myths concerning alcohol and its effect on the body.

Myth: Coffee will help a drunk person sober up quickly.

This myth is completely false. The only thing that helps people sober up is time. Coffee and all other home remedies have not been shown, scientifically, to help people sober up quickly. Science does, however, indicate that alcohol will leave the body at a rate of approximately .015 BAC per hour. The best thing to do if you feel you have had too much to drink is call a cab. Chances are good it will take too long to sober up.

Myth: College students drink as much as possible as often as possible.

While there may be periods when college students engage in “binge drinking” such as spring break, the end of finals, or a person’s 21st birthday, very few college students are capable of doing this every day for an entire semester.

Binge drinking is a period of time in which an individual is intoxicated for several days at times and ceases with their usual day to day activities. While many students will go out several nights in a row, they generally limit their drinking to the evening. Studies have also shown that the percentage of heavy college-age drinkers is declining.

Myth: Individuals of the same height and weight can drink the same amount of alcohol, regardless of gender.

Once again, lore has taken over. Science shows that a person with a higher proportion of fat to lean muscle has a lower percentage of body water. This gives alcohol a stronger effect. This is important to note as women, generally speaking, have a higher body fat content than do men. Ergo, alcohol tends to have more of an effect on the female half of the population.

In addition to being more susceptible to the effects of alcohol due to the composition of bodies, women also have less of a particular enzyme. This affects the ability of the body to break down the alcohol. Women are at a disadvantage here as well.

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