Holiday Drinking

A new study released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reveals that roughly 40% of all alcohol-impaired fatal crashes occurred in the last two weeks of December. The study examined crash data from 2002 to 2006. It also showed that drivers between the ages of 21 and 24 were most frequently involved in alcohol-related fatal crashes. In Texas, which goes with the national trend, 39% of all fatalities in the 21-24 age group were related to alcohol.

The study was released in conjunction with this year’s nationwide crackdown on impaired driving during the holiday season. The campaign was designed to prevent individuals from driving at all while drunk. It emphasized designating a sober driver rather than not drinking.

During the last two weeks of the year, the nation’s law enforcement agencies kick into high gear in an effort to prevent drunk driving. The officers give up holiday time and time with their families in an effort to prevent drunk drivers from escaping or getting into fatal accidents.

The last two weeks of the year are the most common time for a drunk driving arrest. The large number of Christmas, holiday, and New Year ‘s parties lead to this increase on a yearly basis.

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