How Alcohol Is Eliminated From the Body

Although many people have experienced the effects that alcohol can have on their body, specific facts about alcohol use and its ability to detract from a person’s abilities are relatively unknown. Taking the time to understand the ways that alcohol affects and leaves the body is important in maintaining safe drinking practices.

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Ways That Alcohol Leaves the Body

Alcohol can affect an individual in many ways and limit the motor function, senses, and speech capacity of the intoxicated party. Although each person processes alcohol in their own way, there are some basic facts about how the body processes alcohol that may be helpful to know. These include:

  • Nearly .015% of blood alcohol content can be processed by the liver in 60 minutes
  • The liver can metabolize 90% of the total alcohol content
  • The amount of food in the body can affect the speed in which alcohol is processed
  • The body can expel about 10% of the present alcohol through breath, sweat, and urine

It is always better to err on the side of caution, but these can serve as a basic guideline for motorists who are unsure whether they are ready to drive again after one or more drinks.

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