How to Respond to Life Threatening Alcohol Situations

Not everyone knows when they’ve had enough to drink. Chances are good that at some point during a person ‘s life, he or she will encounter a person whose drinking on a given occasion has gotten dangerously out of control. Even if the person gets annoyed for intervening, how can he or she be truly angry for attempts to save his or her life?

If a person is having difficulty breathing or is not breathing normally, it is important to head to the emergency room immediately. If a person stops breathing at all, the emergency room is crucial for the survival of the inebriated party.

If a person is vomiting due to the amount of alcohol ingested, that person needs to remain sitting up. If the person insists on lying down, make sure they lie down on their side. It is crucial that the party not sleep or lie down on his or her back. These people should also be supervised to guard against choking.

Once a person has passed out, attempt to wake the person up. If the person can ‘t be re-awakened, put the person in a fetal position and call 911 immediately. The fetal position is necessary to ensure that if the person vomits in his or her sleep, it won ‘t be inhaled and cause choking and death.

A paranoid, confused, or disoriented party that has difficulty standing or speaking should be taken home and not given any more to drink. Try to keep the person awake and calm. If the symptoms persist, call a doctor.

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