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Ignition Interlocks

The fight against drunk driving is an ever going one. Society and law enforcement have come up with a number of ways to prevent and stop drunk drivers and drunk driving. Aside from implementing stricter laws and punishments, one method that has been come up with is ignition interlocks.

Ignition interlocks are simple devices. They are installed into the cars of people who have been convicted of drunk driving at least once. When someone with an ignition interlock gets into her car, before she can start the car she has to be tested for intoxication. After getting into the car, she has to blow into the ignition interlock, which then measures her blood alcohol content (BAC). Thus, an ignition interlock is a breathalyzer that is connect to the car ‘s starting circuitry. If her BAC is under the legal limit, then the car can start. If her BAC is above the legal limit, then the car will not start.

Because there is a possibility that someone who is drunk might have a friend blow into the ignition interlock to bypass it, ignition interlocks require that the driver periodically get her BAC analyzed by blowing into the device while driving. If the ignition interlock senses that she is drunk, the car will stop and an alarm will go off until police officers arrive.

Not all states have legalized ignition interlocks, though many have. Ignition interlocks are one of the many tools in the arsenal to fight drunk driving, and they help immensely.

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