Laws about Boating Under the Influence

Operating a vehicle while intoxicated is against the law. While this common knowledge is usually considered in reference to driving a car while drunk, it actually applies to a wide variety of vehicles. Boating under the influence of alcohol (BUI) is another form of operating while intoxicated that is against the law throughout the United States.

If you or someone you care about has been accused of operating a boat while under the influence of alcohol, it is important you have the support and assistance of a legal professional who will help you protect your rights and freedoms. The experienced Dallas drunk boating lawyer of Mark T. Lassiter would like to help you in your time of need. Contact our office today at (214) 845-7007 to learn more about your options from a compassionate attorney.

Common BUI Laws

There are a number of common laws and restrictions related to boating under the influence of alcohol. These include the following:

  • A BUI charge can be applied to any intoxicated individual operating a boat, canoe, raft, or yacht.
  • Those suspected of boating while drunk will be pulled over and asked to perform tests similar to a driver suspected of DWI/DUI, such as field sobriety tests or breathalyzer tests.
  • If you refuse to be tested for intoxication levels you could lose your driver’s and boating license for up to a year.

These laws exist to keep those in the water and on boats safe, but they can also corner innocent individuals into suffering from fines, incarceration, loss of licenses, and more.

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If you have been arrested or charged with a BUI offense, contact the experienced Dallas drunk boating lawyer of Mark T. Lassiter today at (214) 845-7007 to speak with an attorney ready to fight on your behalf in a court of law.

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