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Levels of Intoxication

As with anything, there are degrees of intoxication associated with various levels of blood alcohol content. As a general rule, the more drunk or intoxicated a person seems, the higher his or her blood alcohol content is going to be.

With a BAC between .00 and .05, most people will appear to be normal. There will be a minimal affect on the person ‘s coordination but reaction time will have slowed down two times. Some people in this range will experience euphoria but this is not always true.

Between .05 and .10, a person is likely to lose his or her inhibitions and self-criticism. This person has an exaggerated level of self-confidence that is combined with a lack of concentration and minimal levels of judgment. The coordination of a person will take a significant turn for the worse.

Between .10 and .15, a person will experience a further loss of self-criticism but will also experience emotional instability and a variety of memory problems. Ataxia, apraxia, and agraphia will start to appear in their early stages. In addition, the person may seem disoriented concerning time and the place.

Later, with a BAC of between .15 and .25, ataxia, agraphia, and apraxia will all be fully experienced. There will be an almost complete loss of orientation and coordination will also be affected severely. Balance will be disturbed and the person will seem emotionally unstable. Partial amnesia, numbness, and slowed reaction time to pain stimuli also go along with this level.

The second to last stage, .25 and .35, involves a worsening of the above-mentioned. There is an almost complete loss of muscle coordination combined with apathy and even stupor. Amnesia and a total loss of orientation are also common.

Above a BAC of .35, a person will most likely be in a stupor. This can be followed by a coma. This is the stage where a person is said to have sustained alcohol poisoning. If not carefully monitored, a person may die.

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