License Revocation by Doctors

In Pennsylvania, a man went to the doctor for his irregular heartbeat. In supposed doctor patient confidentiality, the man described his drinking habits to his doctor. This, unfortunately, led to the revocation of the man ‘s driver ‘s license.

The American Medical Association asks doctors to report any driver who has an impairment that poses a clear risk to public safety. In addition, this must be done after discussing the problem with the patient. The man ‘s physician attempted to do just that, reporting the man as having a medical condition, substance abuse, which could impair his ability to drive.

The man received a DWI conviction thirty years ago. After that, however, he has never done any more drinking and driving. His employer has also stated that the man has never come to work under the influence of alcohol.

According to some medical ethicists, the laws that led to this license revocation discourage patients from giving important information to their doctors. This threatens their health and their lives. In addition, they realize that a frequent drinker is not necessarily an intoxicated driver.

In order for someone to be a danger on the road due to intoxication, they must be on the road. Drinking does not lead to driving. This draws a very fine line when a situation like this arises. You should consult an attorney immediately if you have faced a similar situation.

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