Low-Risk Consumption of Alcohol

Health specialists recognize the potential health dangers of consuming too much alcohol, so they classify those that participate in alcohol consumption into different categories according to their level of “risky” behavior. Most people are considered low-risk drinkers, meaning that they consume safe amounts of alcohol.

Unfortunately, though, even low-risk drinkers can accidentally drive after consuming too much. This can result in arrests and charges of DWI that have the potential to change the course of your future. Regain control by getting in touch with the Dallas drunk driving lawyers at the Law Offices of Mark T. Lassiter. Call (214) 845-7007 for more information today.

Avoiding “At Risk” Drinking

Being social creatures, humans often use alcohol as a “social lubricant.” In addition, many studies have reported that a moderate amount of alcohol is good for your health. However, drinking more than a moderate amount can be dangerous, especially since it may lead to alcohol dependency. The following is considered low-risk drinking guidelines:

  • Men – less than or equal to 4 drinks per day; weekly total of no more than 14
  • Women – less than or equal to 3 drinks per day; weekly total of no more than 7

While low-risk drinking is more beneficial to your health than at-risking drinking, these moderate amounts of alcohol can still trick you into thinking that you are sober enough to drive when you may be over the legal limit.

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