Marijuana and Driving

Whenever there is a policy debate concerning reforming marijuana or drug laws, the issue of driving and marijuana is inevitably raised. The concern that individuals have is valid. While responsible cannabis users frequently invoke a no driving principle, many do not. While many argue that driving stoned or doped is much safer than driving drunk, there is some level of impairment involved.

There is emerging scientific research that indicates that cannabis has less of an impact on the psychomotor skills needed for driving than alcohol does. While this is true, there is also evidence that supports the idea that marijuana does have an effect on the ability of a person to control a car.

In a study conducted in the Netherlands studying doped drivers paid for by the United States government, the researchers concluded that marijuana, when taken alone, produces a moderate degree of driving impairment which is directly related to the consumed THC dose, which is the chemical present in marijuana.

This impairment is mainly seen in the driver’s inability to maintain a steady lateral position on the road. The magnitude of this impairment is not exceptional in comparison with changes that are commonly produced by medicinal drugs and alcohol.

While there is some impairment, drivers who are under the influence of marijuana retain insight into their performance and have shown the ability to compensate, when possible, by slowing down or increasing effort.

While it is true that there is a minimal effect on an individual’s ability to drive, marijuana is still illegal and so it might not be wise to drive while under the influence of marijuana.

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