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More Myths Surrounding Alcohol

The United States, as a whole, has a creative population that is very good at perpetuating myths concerning a variety of areas. Few areas of myth get as much attention as the world of alcohol and all things related to it. While the vast majority of these myths are completely false, some are actually based in fact.

Myth: The United States is lenient when it comes to punishing people for underage drinking.

This myth, while it may sound good, is completely untrue. For starters, the United States has the largest population that could be considered underage. This is because the minimum age for alcohol purchase and consumption is 21. That benchmark is higher than any other country in the western world. Many of the developed counterparts of the United States do not even have drinking ages, or, if they do, they’re relatively unenforced.

In addition, the various states of the United States all have laws which define the punishments for those that are caught drinking while underage. None of the penalties are light and many can have an effect on the rest of a person’s life.

Myth: The prohibition of alcohol saves lives.

While it may be true that many people’s lives were saved during the 1920s and early 1930s in the United States when alcohol was legally available, many more were lost in the bootleg schemes. In addition, many studies show that alcohol saves lives. While it may sound far-fetched, alcohol has been shown in thirteen different studies to prevent as many as 135,884 deaths per year. These individuals have coronary heart disease which is actually helped by alcohol in moderation.

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