Motorized Wheelchairs and DWI

Motorized wheelchairs have become a popular option for individuals with a condition that prevents them from getting around on their own two feet. The laws regarding motorized wheelchairs differ from place to place.

In many cases, motorized wheelchairs are treated, legally, like bicycles and vehicles at the same time. In the majority of cases, the person that uses the motorized wheelchair is a pedestrian, rather than a driver. A person does not need a driver ‘s license to operate a motorized wheelchair legally. In addition, it is not necessary for a person to have insurance for legal operation of a motorized wheelchair.

There have been situations in which a person operating a motorized wheelchair has been ticketed for driving under the influence. One of the key factors affecting these tickets is where the wheelchair was located at the time of the incident. The wheelchairs are expected to stay off of the roads at all times, except when there is no sidewalk available. A person who operates a motorized wheelchair in the road while inebriated invites at least one ticket.

It is not necessary for an individual requiring a motorized wheelchair to pass a driving test of any sort before taking possession of the wheelchair. In addition, insurance is not necessary for a person to operate a motorized wheelchair.

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