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An Overview of Substance Abuse

For many years, people have been abusing various substances for the feelings they get from them. Some substances, like tobacco, allow a person to function normally even while they are being used. Other substances, such as alcohol and drugs, do not allow a person to function normally and so pose a danger to the person and society.

People abuse substances for a variety of complicated reasons. It is clear that society pays a cost for this based on the number of people seen in hospitals and emergency departments who have directly damaged their health through substance abuse. In addition, there are numerous people injured in car accidents caused by individuals who are under the influence of various substances.

Jails and prisons show the strong connection between crime and drug dependence. While the use of cocaine has declined, the use of other drugs has increased. Heroin and “club drugs” are in greater use now than they ever were previously.

As a result of the variety of drugs available, finding effective treatment for and prevention of substance abuse has been difficult. A variety of studies have clearly shown that early drug education and prevention aimed at children through programs like DARE has the best chance of curbing drug abuse nationally.

Drugs alter perception, judgment, attention, and physical control, making these substances very dangerous to our society as a whole.

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