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Peak DWI Season

With every type of event, there is a peak season. For crashes due to falling asleep at the wheel, the most occur right after the beginning of daylight savings in March. For deer or moose accidents involving cars, the peak time is in October and November as the deer come out to find more food. For DWI arrests, the peak season is around the holidays.

The chief reason for the holiday season ‘s peak DWI arrest period is the number of holiday parties that occur. The majority of companies offer alcohol with their holiday parties. These parties which occur at the end of the day often allow the employees to have too much to drink too quickly and on an empty stomach.

Another reason for the increase in DWI arrests during the holiday season is the increase in depression. More people turn to alcohol during this time to drink away or drown their sorrows. There is a level of forced cheeriness that many feel is very difficult to achieve. To get to this level of cheeriness, some people turn to alcohol.

While there is a season when DWI arrests are at their peak, other holidays have a large number of arrests as well. Two of the most popular are Mardi Gras and St. Patrick ‘s Day.

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