Penalties for Minor-In-Possession Charges

In recent years, state and federal lawmakers have increased awareness efforts to help ensure that people understand the dangers of providing alcohol to minors. In addition, several states have attempted to crack-down on underage drinking through liquor store “sting” operations, “cops-in-shops” operations and other law-enforcement programs.

Persons who are under the legal drinking age of 21 may be forced to deal with criminal penalties and punishments if they are caught purchasing, possessing, or consuming alcohol. If your child is facing minor in possession charges, contact Dallas MIP attorney Mark T. Lassiter at (214) 845-7007 today.

Fines and Penalties for MIP

Penalties for minor-in-possession charges may include:

  • Misdemeanor criminal charges
  • Financial penalties including fines of $250 – $2,000
  • Possible incarceration of up to 90 days in jail
  • Community service requirements
  • Enrollment in alcohol awareness classes

First offenses often require the individual to commit to 8-12 hours of community service, while second and third offenses may require 20-40 hours of service to the community. MIP charges can remain on the minor’s criminal record and may be expunged once the individual turns 21 years of age. Minors may also face temporary suspension of their driving privileges if they are found guilty of possessing or consuming alcohol.

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