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Police Videos of DWI

When you get pulled over for a DWI, you are being video-taped while the police conduct their investigation. Police departments usually equip their DWI enforcement squad cars with video recording capability. The police use this video to record everything starting with when they first approach your vehicle all the way up until you are booked at the police station. From the moment your vehicle is approached you should assume that every word and action is being video-taped. It is important to remain as calm and rational as possible through the investigation even though it is nerve wracking process. The police are looking for anything and everything they can to make their case look better. This includes your demeanor and speech throughout their investigation. It is always a good idea to be as cooperative with the officer as possible repeating instructions back to the officer to ensure you understand what he or she is asking you to do. If you do not feel comfortable completing the tests the officer is offering you have the right to refuse each of the tests the officer offers. Always remember to act as graciously as possible throughout the process and your chances of success in your DWI case will greatly increase.

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