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Riding Your Bike While Intoxicated

Most people may not realize this, but it is possible to be charged with a DUI if you are riding a bicycle while under the influence of alcohol. Depending on the state, DUI ‘s may be distributed to anyone operating any mechanical vehicle, including bicycles. In California, there is a specific term for this act, called “Cycling under the Influence,” or a CUI. Other states do not have a specific term for this act, and even if you do not get charged with a DUI you still run the risk of being cited for public intoxication.

Other Consequences

There are many reasons aside from the danger of a traffic ticket that should motivate bicyclists to avoid drinking alcohol and then biking. Alcohol inhibits one ‘s motor skills and abilities to pass proper judgment on situations, and the possible consequences of this while cycling are quite terrible. Drunken cyclists run the risk of swerving unintentionally into traffic or misjudging the speed of oncoming vehicles. They also might not realize how far away other cars, trucks, cyclists, or even pedestrians are from them.

For all these reasons, cycling while intoxicated is discouraged. Some people might opt to use this method of transportation if they know they will be drinking, since they cannot be stopped for driving under the influence. However, in California and a number of other states, the bicycle operator can, in fact, be pulled over for a DUI, DWI, or OWI. Overall, bicycling while intoxicated poses just as many dire consequences as does driving a motorized vehicle while under the influence.

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