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Risks of Alcohol: Poisoning

Alcohol is a central nervous system depressant. This is why alcohol affects judgment and impairs senses. However, using any depressant like alcohol can have a wide range of effects depending on dosage. There are a lot of circumstantial contributors to the effects of alcohol on a person ‘s body. Some of the more commonly known contributors are as follows:

  • Food: Alcohol seeps into the blood through the stomach lining. For this reason, eating a larger meal with a higher fat content will cause alcohol to enter the blood more slowly.
  • Hydration: Hangovers are especially affected by hydration. Consuming alcohol dehydrates the body. The more the body gets dehydrated, the worse the hangover becomes. Drinking plenty of water throughout the evening can help prevent hangovers as well as other unwanted side effects.
  • Consumption rate: The rate at which a person consumes alcohol contributes a lot to how intoxicated he or she becomes. Giving your body more time to absorb the alcohol will keep intoxication lower.

These as well as many other factors will contribute to the degree of intoxication. The degree to which a person becomes intoxicated will contribute to what side effects come up. These side effects can be avoided, or can range anywhere from a hangover to death. If a persons BAC reaches upward of 0.20%, the chance of death becomes more and more likely.

Intoxication can be dangerous if not properly handled. Driving in this state expands the danger from you to the people around you. This can lead to a DWI.

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