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Some Effects of Intoxication

Alcohol is a depressant that directly affects your central nervous system. There are many different effects that the consumption of alcohol can have on your body. These effects, however, depend greatly on many different factors. The combination of these factors, such as how much you recently ate or how often you drink, will contribute to how the alcohol you consume will affect your body.

Alcohol affects everyone’s bodies in similar ways, but the effects take place at different levels for different people. A 200lb man who drinks often will become intoxicated more slowly than a 120lb woman who rarely drinks. However, the effects of alcohol can still occur for that 200lb man.

Dehydration is one of the main side effects of intoxication. This is because alcohol prevents the production of certain chemicals which aid in the absorption of water through the kidneys. This also makes alcohol a diuretic, which helps to dehydrate you.

Anterograde amnesia and hangovers are two well known side effects of drinking. Anterograde amnesia is often called blacking out. This is a failure to remember the events that occurred while a person was intoxicated.

The “Mallanby effect” has to do with self perception. During the absorption of alcohol, the drinker tends to over estimate the effects of the alcohol. During the elimination phase, the drinker tends to under estimate the effects of the alcohol. This phase is dangerous in that is can lead to intoxicated driving, and subsequently, a DWI.

Alcohol can have some unwanted side effects. Driving while impaired by alcohol is a bad idea, and can get you a DWI.

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