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Since alcohol became legal again following the end of Prohibition in the mid-1930s, people have been contributing myths and old wives’ tales to the aura surrounding alcohol. Some of these involve an individual’s health while others involve the lifestyle of the country.

Some of the most inaccurate myths surrounding alcohol pertain to the health of the individual that consumes alcohol. Some people have this crazy idea that drinking any amount of alcohol will kill an individual’s brain cells. While it can be true that consuming massive amounts of alcohol repeatedly can kill brain cells, having a one or two drinks is not going to do significant lasting damage to an individual’s brain cells.

A second myth pertaining to an individual’s health involves the misconception that a beer belly is not caused by drinking beer. While it is true that drinking beer alone is not the only cause of a beer belly, beer does play a significant role. A beer is not going to have less than 100 calories in a single serving. As people generally don’t drink a single beer at a time, this leads to at least 200 calories being consumed. 200 calories may not sound like a lot but if those 200 calories are 200 extra calories, that adds up to pounds pretty quickly.

A third myth that relates too drinking and a person’s health is this crazy notion that if a person doesn’t drink alcohol, they can be alcohol free. If a person does not drink alcohol, they can be drinking alcohol free but there is still alcohol in the body. The body naturally produces some alcohol on its own.

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