The Risks of Combining Energy Drinks and Alcohol

There is a popular new trend among individuals of a certain age to mix energy drinks, like Red Bull, with various forms of alcohol. While this may seem like a great idea at the time, it is really a bad idea all around.

Energy drinks are stimulants. Alcohol is a depressant. When one mixes these two items, bad things can happen. The body is being given mixed signals as to whether it should speed up or slow down. This is very confusing to the body ‘s systems and can create dangerous results like dehydration, risk of seizures, and an increased alcohol intake.

In bars across the country, energy drinks and alcohol have been mixed together since energy drinks first became available for purchase. The stimulants in the energy drink make people feel less impaired through the course of the evening, making them think it is safe to drink more alcohol. The truth is far from that. Instead of moderately sober people, the bar becomes filled with intoxicated individuals who are hyped up on caffeine.

When energy drinks and alcohol are combined, one part of the brain is being stimulated and told to wake up. Other parts of the brain are being slowed down and depressed. The two signals typically do not mix well. Thus while a person may have loads of energy, he or she may have a minimal amount of self control or reflexes. Unfortunately, the stimulant reduces the individual ‘s cognizance of his or her inebriated state.

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