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Various Types of Liquor Licenses

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, the organization that governs the majority of things related to the sale and manufacture of alcoholic beverages in the state of Texas, has created different permits for people to hold concerning their ability to sell alcohol depending on who is selling the alcohol, where the alcohol is being sold, and what alcohol is being sold. Currently, there are more than fifty different types of permits available. A sample is provided as fifty is too much to list in any sort of detail.

Permit AB
This permit, an Airline Beverage Permit, allows a corporation which operates a commercial airline to sell or to serve alcohol beverages while operating in or through Texas. Basically this means that any airline which would like to offer its passengers alcoholic beverages must have a permit to sell or provide alcohol for Texas.

Permit B
This type of permit, called a Brewer’s Permit, provides authorization to manufacture ale and malt liquor as well as to sell both types of products to wholesale permit holders in the state of Texas as well as to qualified individuals out of the state. The TABC does not define “qualified individuals” on their website.

Permit CB
A CB permit, or Caterer’s Permit, allows a catering organization to sell mixed beverages, for a limited time, at a place other than the premises for which the caterer’s mixed beverage permit is issued.

Permit MB
A Mixed Beverage Permit allows the permit holder to sell mixed drinks from unsealed containers as well as wine, beer, ale, and malt liquor in containers of any legal size for on-premises consumption. This is the type of permit a place with a full bar must have.

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