Youth Drinking Dangers

In the United States the legal drinking age is 21, meaning those under the age of 21 are not legally able to purchase, possess, or consume alcohol. There can be some exceptions to this law, depending on the state, if a youth’s parent directly provides alcohol to the child, but in general this law is strictly enforced.

If you or someone you love has been accused of underage drinking, or drinking and driving while under the legal drinking age, you need the support of an experienced drunk driving attorney. Contact Dallas drunk driving attorney Mark T. Lassiter today at (214) 845-7007 to learn more about your legal rights and options.

Dangers Associated with Underage Drinking

When youth and young adults consume alcohol there are a number of risks they are taking on. These include the following:

  • Abuse of alcohol can negatively affect brain development in young people
  • Young people are more likely to binge drink, making them more susceptible to alcohol poisoning, drunk driving, and other dangerous experiences
  • An overexposure to alcohol at a young age could produce unhealthy behaviors in adulthood, such as alcoholism or other forms of alcohol abuse

Additionally, underage drinking can lead to very serious legal repercussions which can negatively impact a youth’s future.

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If a youth in your life has been charged with an underage drinking crime or drunk driving crime, Dallas drunk driving attorney Mark T. Lassiter would like to help. Contact our office today at (214) 845-7007 to learn more about your legal options from an experienced professional.

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