Man with 14 prior DWI convictions arrested for drunk driving

Posted on June 22nd, 2010 No Comments

An Abilene man who has been arrested and accused of drunk driving after his Jeep collided with another vehicle on June 20.

This man’s history of DWIs has left people questioning how the man is still driving legally. He has previously been convicted of 14 DWIs. In Texas, a license can not be revoked forever. Officials explain that a drivers license is automatically revoked after every DWI conviction, but their is process that a person can undergo to regain their driving privileges.

Any DWI conviction after your offense are third degree felonies, which is a $10,000 fine and can be up to two to 10 years in prison. After two convictions, the third one can be enhanced and a sentence can range from 25 to 99 years in prison.

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