Dallas DWI Lawyer – Questions

Why should a person hire an experienced DWI lawyer versus just trying to handle the case as inexpensively as possible?

Convictions are very expensive! For a simple first time offense, the fine for a Class B misdemeanor DWI in Texas is “up to” $2000 dollars. Then, there is a DPS surcharge for a DWI conviction, this is not negotiable and a minimum of $1000 per year for 3 years, that’s $3000. If you provided a breath or blood sample over .16, the DPS surcharge is $2000/yr for 3 years or $6000 dollars. Insurance premiums will vary but you can count on a substantial increase conservatively estimated at $3000 in higher insurance rates. There is the suspension of your driver’s license for either 90 to 180 days. There are fees for getting an Occupational Driver’s license, SR-22 insurance fees, license reinstatement to DPS, and probation fees (approx. 50$ per month) over the course of potentially 24 months. There are also other conditions of probation such as classes, education programs and a victim impact panel that all require differing payments to attend. In short a good DWI attorney can potentially save you a great deal of money, worry, and long lasting ill effects that go along with a DWI conviction. For more on this see the article 10 Ways a DWI Conviction Will Affect Your Life.

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