DWI Attorney in Dallas – Questions

Who do I use as my attorney?

This is important to do quickly and carefully as you have a mere 15 days to file for an ALR hearing (see below). To answer this question you should look at:

How much DWI experience does the lawyer have?

Dallas drunk driving lawyer Mark Lassiter has dealt with hundreds of DWI cases. He knows what to do to make the process as easy as possible and is intricately familiar with DWI laws.

How many of the lawyers cases plead guilty?

If you chose Dallas DWI Attorney Mark Lassiter to represent you, pleading guilty will be a last resort. I will always make a complete and thorough investigation of all the facts and evidence in each and every case.

Is the lawyer familiar with the proper administration of Standardized Field Sobriety Tests?

As a former prosecutor, Mark Lassiter went through training which detailed out the proper procedure for each test to be given. Additionally, his training included performing each of the tests himself several times and evaluating police officers performance on giving the tests. It is essential that your lawyer know which field sobriety tests have been approved by NHTSA and how to determine if any deviation occurred when the tests were administered to you.

Are they familiar with the breath test machine used in Texas?

Most defense lawyers will simply plead you “guilty” after a breath test above the legal limit. To Dallas DWI Lawyer Mark Lassiter, a failed breath test in no way means you are, or will be found, guilty. He is skilled in understanding how alcohol is eliminated from a persons body and its affect on the breath test machine.

Will they handle my license suspension case in addition to the DWI charge?

There are 2 different cases that come out of receiving a DWI. The first is the actual DWI and the second is a hearing (upon request) on the suspension of your drivers’ license (Administrative License Revocation hearing, “ALR” hearing). A large number of lawyers do not even bother in requesting an ALR hearing.

Drunk driving attorney Mark Lassiter will take the extra time to request this hearing because this is where his trial preparation begins. In the hearing Mr. Lassiter will get sworn testimony about the facts and issues surrounding your arrest.

What will a good DWI defense lawyer cost?

Convictions are very expensive! For a simple first time offense (See penalties below for different levels), the fine for a Class B misdemeanor DWI in Texas is “up to” $2000 dollars. Then, there is a DPS surcharge for a DWI conviction, this is not negotiable and a minimum of $1000 per year for 3 years, that’s $3000. If you provided a breath or blood sample over .16, the DPS surcharge is $2000/yr for 3 years or $6000 dollars.

Insurance premiums will vary but you can count on a substantial increase conservatively estimated at $3000 in higher insurance rates. There is the suspension of your driver’s license for either 90 to 180 days. There are fees for getting an Occupational Driver’s license, SR-22 insurance fees, license reinstatement to DPS, and probation fees (approx. 50$ per month) over the course of potentially 24 months. There are also other conditions of probation such as classes, education programs and a victim impact panel that all require differing payments to attend.

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