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Some think that a Dallas County Texas DWI could never happen to them or to someone they know.
Many people think that a Dallas County Texas DWI could never happen to you or someone close to you. If it does happen, you don’t know what to do or how to proceed. If you or someone you know received a DWI charge, call Lancaster DWI attorney Mark T. Lassiter.

Following an arrest for a DWI, you should place your trust in an experienced and accomplished Lancaster Texas drunk driving lawyer. The Law Office of Mark T. Lassiter understands that early intervention is the key to a successful DWI defense and knows how to determine the best course of action for all Lancaster Texas DWI issues.

In addition to Lancaster DWI charges, Mark T. Lassiter handles the following types of Texas alcohol offenses:

  • Driving Under the Influence – DUI
  • Minor in Possession – MIP
  • Minor in Consumption – MIC
  • Public Intoxication – PI

Following an arrest, there is a 15 day window within which one must request a hearing to challenge the automatic suspension of their Texas driver ‘s license. If this deadline isn’t met, it may be possible to procure an Occupational Driver’s License. To learn about an Occupational Driver’s License or to receive your free case evaluation, contact the Lancaster DWI attorneys of the Law Office of Mark T. Lassiter at (214) 845-7007.

Your License, Livelihood and Liberty

A person ‘s livelihood, license, and liberty are all at risk the second he or she is pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving. Lancaster DWI attorney Mark T. Lassiter understands the jeopardy these crucial items are in and will fight to help save all of them. As a current Lancaster criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor, Mark T. Lassiter understands what it takes to defend his clients successfully.

Being charged with a DWI does not automatically confer guilt. The prosecution, including experts and police officers, must prove each aspect f Driving While Intoxicated in order to convict the accused individual. Anyone charged with a Lancaster DWI needs an accomplished, skilled, and qualified Lancaster DWI lawyer to fight the allegations of the prosecution at every step.

Hire a Lancaster Texas Criminal Defense Lawyer who focuses on Drunk Driving Offenses

Because the allegations of drunk driving have the potential to be extremely humiliating and embarrassing, the Law Office of Mark T. Lassiter works to handle all cases as discretely as possible. In addition, Lancaster DWI lawyer Mark T. Lassiter works to handle all client concerns as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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